Boekworc discussie over 'The Case for the Green New Deal' van auteur Ann Pettifor - woensdag 9 juni 2021 via Zoom.

omslag mh revBoekworc: 'The Case for the Green New Deal'

Het boek dat we in juni bespraken is 'The Case for the Green New Deal; How to Pay for the Green New Deal' van auteur Ann Pettifor (2019).

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Over dit boek - Book Review door Zoe Williams in The Guardian: "Pettifor’s case is pretty straightforward: there is a climate crisis, and it may be too late to avert it, yet to surrender means nihilism. While she directs the occasional weary sideswipe at the climate-change denier, her true enemy is defeatism, and she is very convincing on this: whether or not the planet can be saved, there is no alternative but to try. In such a context money is no object, but it’s not so much “you can’t put a price on our habitat”, rather it is the rallying cry of the heterodox economist, echoing Keynes, Roosevelt, through to US policy wonk Demond Drummer: “we can afford what we can do.” Money is not a finite natural resource, handed us by the mountains or the seas: it is a social construct based on trust and cooperation, created through credit, which is itself backed by the toil of today’s citizens, and the citizens of the future (an idea explored in her last, very readable book, The Production of Money) Deploying examples of the sheer limitlessness of money, when a government really puts its mind to it, Pettifor points to Roosevelt (a fascinating experiment in social ambition, with its own environmental element: over the nine years of the New Deal, 5% of the total male population was engaged in the Civilian Conservation Corps, planting among other things, 2bn trees). She also points to the Marshall plan, to the moon landings – all the classic examples of the hope genre, though given a different spin by climate catastrophe. If we can, as a species, muster all that effort, iconoclasm and single-mindedness just to get to the moon and have a poke about, imagine what we’re capable of when our children’s lives are at stake." The Guardian (Dec 2019)

BoekWorc discussie | woensdag 9 juni 2021 | 14:00-16:00 via Zoom
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